New Work: ‘Spook Country’


Angus Hyland, with design assistant Masumi Briozzo, has designed the UK hardback cover for Spook Country, a new thriller by the acclaimed novelist, and father of cyberpunk, William Gibson.

Spook Country is published in the UK by Viking Press, part of the Penguin Group.

New Work: James Kelman Cover Art


Angus Hyland, with assistant Masumi Briozzo, has designed four book covers for Polygon’s re-issue of the novels and short stories of James Kelman, the controversial Booker Prize-winning author.

New Work: Safdico


Angus Hyland has produced a new corporate website and content management system (CMS) for the South African Diamond Corporation - Safdico.

Safdico is one of the world’s premier diamond producers, priding itself on its craftsmanship and expertise while operating to the most stringent professional, ethical and social standards. Pentagram’s design for the business-to-business focussed site is elegant and controlled, without denying the inherent glamour of Safdico’s products.

Update: Global Cities


Angus Hyland’s posters for the Global Cities exhibition at Tate Modern have been appearing all over London in the city’s Tube stations. The exhibition is on display until 27 August.

More images and a selection of exhibition reviews after the jump.

New Work: EAT Seasonal


Angus Hyland has designed the graphic identity for EAT’s new range of seasonal food as part of a wider-reaching brand evolution strategy.

New Work: Global Cities

Time-lapse film of the 18 day build. 

Angus Hyland and William Russell have designed Global Cities, a major free exhibition that is taking place in the spectacular Turbine Hall at the Tate Modern in London from 20 June through 27 August.

New Work: Laurence King Publishing

Fall 2007 catalogue for Laurence King Publishing.

Art and design book publisher Laurence King has released its fall 2007 trade catalogue which showcases Angus Hyland’s work as the company’s creative director.

The catalogue features five new book covers designed by Angus and his team at Pentagram.

Radio Hyland

Angus Hyland is taking to the airwaves to play eight of his favourite tracks and to talk about his take on graphic design with the polymath art director, designer, writer and broadcaster Adrian Shaughnessy. The show will be aired by London’s Resonance FM from 1 pm BST on Friday, 1 June and will be available by either tuning in to 104.4 FM in London or by listening via their website.

The show will also be available to download as a podcast in the coming weeks. Full details of how to access this can be found on Graphic Design on the Radio.

New Work: ‘This is a poster.’

(Click image for larger view)

Yes, this is a poster. It was designed by Angus Hyland and Fabrian Herrmann for a lecture given by Angus at the University of Plymouth last spring. But it has since taken on a life of its own, possibly because it makes plain the secret desire of all posters: to be entered into design competitions.

The poster was silkscreened in black and white on 25 different colors, in a limited run of four copies per color. It is featured in the June issue of Creative Review.

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New Work: C/ID


Angus Hyland has edited and designed the new book C/ID: Visual Identity and Branding for the Arts, written with Emily King and published by Laurence King. The book looks at identity design for cultural institutions, which has been flourishing since the advent of “museum as brand.” It includes thirty case studies of successful programs, large and small, from studios around the world.

Out now in the UK and Europe; published 1 August in the US.