New Work: Oyuna’s Cashmere To Keep


Daniel Weil likes to take overexposed objects and look at them afresh. His latest design for cashmere label Oyuna is Cashmere To Keep, a gusseted container bag with a folded closure that is secured with elastic. The shopping bag format has been automatically produced for over a century but Cashmere To Keep reinvents that format, removing handles and adding a foldover crease, allowing customers to open and close it like a box but carry it underarm like a bag. The crease is angled to reflect the angle of the ‘y’ on the Oyuna logotype.

New Work: Aldo Rise Installations by Daniel Weil


Last week we posted about the Selfridges windows that Pentagram’s Daniel Weil designed for Aldo Rise, Aldo’s bold collaboration with daring new talent in the fashion industry. The windows promoted the heart of the experience, the pop-up installation in the Shoe Galleries on Selfridges’ second floor.

Daniel devised the installation around the experience of sitting down and trying the shoes. Each counter unit of the installation is supported by a single wood turning, inspired by a female shoe.

New Work: The Selfridges London Debut of Aldo Rise


Fashion shoe brand Aldo asked Pentagram’s Daniel Weil to create both the main entrance windows and a pop-up store for the Selfridges launch of the Aldo Rise initiative, a bold collaboration with daring new talent in the fashion industry.

Collaborating with partner Naresh Ramchandani, Weil has created a display concept that runs through both the windows and pop-up store.

New Work: Daniel Weil’s Clock for a Card Player


The fourth in Daniel Weil’s series of clocks has been revealed for the first time this week as part of the Making Time exhibition at Sotheby’s.

Last Chance to See Daniel Weil’s ‘Making Time’


Daniel Weil’s Making Time exhibition ends at 4.30pm on Friday 13 January at Sotheby’s New Bond Street in London.

Daniel Weil’s ‘Making Time’ on View at Sotheby’s


A unique collection of extraordinary clocks by Daniel Weil are currently on display in a selling exhibition, Making Time, in the Wemyss Gallery at Sotheby’s New Bond Street, London. The exhibition is open daily from 9.30am to 4.30pm until 13 January.

New Work: Daniel Weil’s Clock for an Astronomer


The Clock for an Astronomer follows Clock for an Architect and Clock for an Acrobat as part of the “Matter of Time” series of unique timepieces designed by Pentagram’s Daniel Weil. The clocks are currently on display in a selling exhibition, Making Time, at Sotheby’s New Bond Street until 13 January.

“The sun is the celestial time setter, and timekeeping is its terrestrial reflection,” says Daniel Weil.

Daniel Weil’s Junction Box

“Connecting, conducting and illuminating, like the act of creativity.” — Daniel Weil

The holidays are a season of light, but one needn’t go to extremes for a little festive illumination. In 1985 Daniel Weil received a commission from a communications company to design and produce a limited edition gift to engage their customers in a surprising and creative way.

Weil’s response was “Junction Box,” a box full of metal objects taken from the world of domestic hardware that can be combined in many different ways to make a circuit. Weil’s observation was that metal objects in a conductive chain are like words that can be rearranged to change the meaning and convey different messages. In “Junction Box” the wand-like battery holder activates the assembled circuit that carries the voltage that turns on the LED—connecting, conducting and illuminating, just like the act of creativity.