Spring Bloom


March is in like a lion! Today’s winds are particularly fond of the new flag that has unfurled on the façade of our New York office. Designed by Eddie Opara, the banner pictures a large letter P that wends a path through a field of hundreds of smaller Ps.

Additional views after the jump, and check out some of our previous office banners here.

Fall Colors


The banner on the façade of our New York office has turned a lovely shade of Pentagram red, thanks to the new design by Michael Gericke and his team.

Flag Day


At Pentagram’s New York office, we normally display flags of our own design, but for today we’ll make an exception.

Initial Reaction


On the eve of Barack Obama’s historic nomination speech, Pentagram’s New York office has unfurled a new flag. “We’ve always had a ‘P’ on our flag,” says Paula Scher. “We’ve put up an ‘O’ because we think it’s time for a change we can believe in.” Designed by Scher, the flag’s letterform is in Gotham, the campaign’s typeface.

Luke’s Flag Flies


The New York office’s new banner, designed by Luke Hayman, was unfurled this week.