New Work: Budgens and Londis Wines


In the latest release of work for Musgrave Retail Partners GB own brand ranges Harry Pearce and his team have designed the labels for Budgens and Londis wines.

The team have strived to create a unique visual language for this own brand wine range, self-confident and not aping any other brand. Each country of origin is identified with an individual style using a paired down elegant approach, and a simple colour palette.

New Work: ila


Pentagram has extended its work for ila, an organic collection of therapies and treatments, by designing the packaging for a range of amenity products available in spas.

The name and identity were designed by John Rushworth and his team to evoke the idea of ancient healing and spirituality and to reflect a commitment to purity and natural balance. Ila is the ancient Vedic goddess of the earth, a name with universal appeal that can be applied to products for men and women. The marque reflects the principles of Yantra, a sacred geometry built on the relationship between circles and squares. The broad line above the ‘a’ is a Sanskrit device which supports the sacred geometry, provides an appropriate cultural reference and gives the marque a character that can be owned and registered.

These five bottles feature jewel like colours with the name embossed in gold echoing the colours and traditions of India. The ila range utilises Ayurvedic principles, sourcing its raw ingredients from Morocco, the Amazonian Rain Forest and Kashmir as well as India.

Litl Wins Big in the 2010 IDEA Awards


Our collaboration with Litl on the graphic design and user interface for its Litl webbook has received two honors in the 2010 International Design Excellence Awards. The awards are presented by the Industrial Designers Society of America (IDSA) and sponsored by Fast Company, Dow Corning and The Henry Ford.

The Litl webbook packaging, designed by Litl with Abbott Miller, received a Gold in the Packaging & Graphics category, while the Litl OS won a Bronze in the Interactive Product Experiences category. Lisa Strausfeld and her team worked with Litl and Cooper on the design of the graphical user interface for the webbook OS.

Miller designed the brand identity for Litl. The webbook packaging is simple, straightforward and designed to appeal to a wide range of ages, embodying Litl’s mission as technology for everyone. The entire package is made from recyclable paper with no plastics or foams used, and the packaging doubles as its own shipping box.

“The Litl webbook is for families who aren’t necessarily tech savvy, and the wit and charm of the brand language translated in how the packaging was presented and unfolded,” commented IDEA juror Fumi Watanabe, creative director of merchandising at Starbucks. “The smart use of corrugated box structure, which made the packaging look thoughtful and giftable, also functioned to protect the product. Attention to details and emotional connection granted this packaging the design excellence.”

The Litl webbook itself, designed by Litl with Fuseproject, won a Bronze in the Computer Equipment category.

Design for a Living World, the Cooper-Hewitt, National Design Museum exhibition designed and co-curated by Abbott Miller, was a Finalist in the Environments category.

New Work: Biotrue™


Biotrue™ is a new multi-purpose contact lens solution from Bausch + Lomb that is based on the biology of the eye. A breakthrough in its category, Biotrue™ employs principles of biomimetics—a field of science that examines materials found in nature and mimics their best assets to create optimal products. The multi-purpose solution works like the eye to help lenses stay clean and moist throughout the day.

Paula Scher has designed brand identity and packaging for Biotrue™ that establish the product as a unique new concept in lens care. The project was completed in collaboration with Fran Gormley at Greenwich Marketing Group and is the latest in Scher’s ongoing work for Bausch + Lomb, one of the world’s largest healthcare brands.

New Work: Mothercare


John Rushworth and Daniel Weil have designed the branding and packaging for All We Know, a new range of baby toiletries for Mothercare. The creation of a coherent and focused sub-brand enables Mothercare to draw on its reputation as a trusted brand whilst adding new elements that help to differentiate these products from the competition. The All We Know range contains natural extracts, is suitable from birth and has been tested by a panel of midwives.

New Work: Budgens


Harry Pearce and his team have been commissioned to redesign the complete own brand range for Budgens and Londis stores.

The own brand range has three levels, Good, Better, and Best, and many of the redesigned Good Value range have already hit the shelves with Pentagram’s designs for Good Value Jaffa Cakes and Good Value Assorted Crisps winning the Quality Food Awards 2009.

Now the first three varieties in the wines, beers and spirits range of Better products have been released with three sizes of bottle for the own brand whisky, gin and vodka. Each label takes a typographic approach with an individual letterform being adapted to capture the essence of the spirit inside. So the V of the vodka has a strong red constructivist feel with a silver foiled eagle set against it, the W of the whisky is foiled in gold against a faint thistle and the G of the gin is interlaced with a juniper branch replete with berries.

The text on each label adopts the same layout, which extends across all of Musgraves’ own brand products. It is expected that the whole redesign will take a year to roll out.

New Work: Klein Caporn


The Slow Food movement promotes sustainable agriculture and encourages consumers to positively influence what is produced in their name around the world. Two ‘foodies’, operating under the company name Klein Caporn, have developed ‘Slow Food Fast’ a range of slow food quick sauces, initially for sale in Waitrose, the supermarket arm of the John Lewis Partnership. Domenic Lippa’s redesign of the identity and labeling for the three-product range improves on-shelf presence and legibility. The tortoise and hare identity has been refined so that it allows a more economic use of the limited pack space and a clearer hierarchy for the mark, the name and descriptor. A stylish black background, understated lower case lettering, and new fork and spoon icons that frame the information ‘meal’, further improve legibility and stand-out.

Project Team: Domenic Lippa, partner-in-charge; Beatrice Blumenthal, designer

New Work: Bausch + Lomb


If you’re reading this with the aid of glasses or contact lenses, chances are you’re using a Bausch + Lomb product or innovation to help improve your eyesight. One of the biggest healthcare brands in the world, with products sold in over 100 countries, Bausch + Lomb is synonymous with lenses and eye care. The company was founded in 1853 and pioneered countless breakthroughs in optical science, from microscopes to photographic lenses to Ray-Ban sunglasses. It brought the first soft contact lens to market in 1971. More recently it has moved into pharmaceuticals and surgical implants. Paula Scher has designed a new identity for Bausch + Lomb that reflects its growing presence in ophthalmic care.

New Work: Cass Art Kids


Angus Hyland has extended his work for Cass Art to include this charming promotional giveaway. A brightly coloured bag branded Cass Art Kids containing an activity book and pencils with which to fill it was designed to promote a new space dedicated to children’s art materials in Cass Art’s flagship Islington store. The activity book is the result of a collaboration between Angus and Marion Deuchars and contains her beautiful hand drawn typography. 10,000 bags have been created which will be given away to anyone who makes a purchase in either the Cass Art Kensington or Islington stores.

Spreads from the activity book after the jump

Painting the Town Red (and Pink and Turquoise and Green)


Following the iconic black and white bags we created for Cass Art London, Angus Hyland and his team have produced a new series of twelve variations celebrating colour in art. With reference to our interiors for the Cass Art flagship store, the bag designs are typographic compositions featuring traditional oil colours and expressing their provenance throughout art history.

More bags after the jump.