Why Didn’t We Think of That?


For The New York Times Magazine’s annual “Year in Ideas” issue, published this Sunday, Paula Scher illustrated a chart of selected 2009 patents, classified on a spectrum from “When Real Life Isn’t Exciting Enough” to “There Must Be an Easier Way.” Note striped socks were not patented until this year; “At Last,” indeed. The chart was compiled by Alexandra Horowitz and Ammon Shea.

Pentagram Classics Featured in ‘Bibliographic’

Angus Hyland, art director of Laurence King, shares some of his favorite books in Bibliographic. The book also contains several Pentagram titles.

Many Pentagram publications feature in Bibliographic: 100 Classic Graphic Design Books, a unique compilation of the best design books of the last 100 years. The book was designed and written by Pentagram alumnus Jason Godfrey and published by Laurence King. It covers a huge range of material; from historic titles by pioneering type foundries to the best of recent monographs from today’s leading studios, it provides a striking insight into the evolution of graphic design in the twentieth century.

Some of the entries include: Living by Design (Pentagram), A Sign Systems Manual (Crosby/Fletcher/Forbes), Graphic Design: Visual Comparisons (Fletcher/Forbes/Gill), Tibor Kalman: Perverse Optimist (edited by Michael Bierut), Make It Bigger (Paula Scher) and Nova: 1965-1975 (David Hillman). Order your copy here. A few of the Penta-centric pages after the jump