Brandspanking Gets Moving

Andy Foulds’ animations of Angus Hyland’s Brandspanking logo. Click here to see them in a new window.

Interactive designer Andy Foulds’ studio has produced a series of Flash animations based on Angus Hyland’s logo design for Brandspanking, a London-based media production company that specialises in branded content. The animations play during the introduction to their website, also designed by Foulds.

Angus Hyland designed the Brandspanking identity in 2007 with design assistant Zara Moore.

New Work: Roy Harper, ‘The BBC Tapes’


Harry Pearce has designed the sleeve art for the re-issue of The BBC Tapes, a set of CDs by cult singer/songwriter Roy Harper, released by Harper’s Science Friction Records.

Pearce’s design for the series emulates Harper’s subtle poetry in its central motif; portraits of Harper, taken during the period the recordings were made, have been cropped so that the singer’s eyes are the same size within each image; evoking the intensity and intimacy of the recordings. The simple, vertical typography, set in Akzidenz Grotesk, and monochromatic treatment of the photographs means that the most direct way of differentiating between CDs at a glance is through Harpers’ facial expressions.

New Work: ‘On the Road: The Original Scroll’


Angus Hyland, with design assistant Masumi Briozzo, has designed the UK edition of On the Road: The Original Scroll, a sumptuous edition of Jack Kerouac’s seminal ‘Beat’ novel which is being released to mark the 50th anniversary of the book’s original publication on 5 September 1957.

Paula Scher Designs Templates for Download from HP


Today Hewlett-Packard launches a new website featuring Paula Scher, Jake Burton and Gwen Stefani as part of its $300 million Print 2.0 campaign designed to inspire and empower customers with free customizable, printable content. For her part, Scher designed five business templates, including letterhead, envelopes, business cards and notecards, that provide users with a complete graphics package. Named Bold, Modern, Edgy, Elegant and Friendly, the templates were designed to appeal to a diverse array of businesses and personality types. Two templates, Friendly and Modern, are available for download today, with the others being added over the next few weeks.

The site also features an interview with Scher in which she speaks about how to build a successful brand identity. “The characteristic that matters for every good brand is that you look like you made your decisions based on who you are for specific reasons, not that they were accidental,” she says. “A small business should ask itself who its customer is, who are they talking to. They should think about how to present themselves and what their tone of voice should be.” Shot in Pentagram’s New York office, the interview is accompanied by commentary about some of her most celebrated designs.

“No template is a substitute for hiring a professional designer,” warns Scher, and indeed at Scher’s suggestion the HP site includes a prominent link to the AIGA designer directory. “But at the very least, I hope we can stop a few innocent people out there from using Comic Sans.”

Rounding out the site’s content, Jake Burton offers advice on how to produce a successful marketing campaign and the importance of a strong visual brand, while Gwen Stefani offers customizable Harajuku-inspired paper dolls, party invites and CD covers.

Views of the templates in action after the jump.

New Work: ‘Spook Country’


Angus Hyland, with design assistant Masumi Briozzo, has designed the UK hardback cover for Spook Country, a new thriller by the acclaimed novelist, and father of cyberpunk, William Gibson.

Spook Country is published in the UK by Viking Press, part of the Penguin Group.

Point of Pride


Vivantes, a Berlin based health care provider and current Pentagram client, asked Justus Oehler to design a special graphic for the city’s Christopher Street Day festivities, the annual lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender pride event. The visual depicts the Berliner Fernsehturm, a prominent feature of the city’s skyline known as TV Tower, sheathed in a giant pink condom. The campaign’s message: “diversity without fear.”

Applications after the jump.

New Work: James Kelman Cover Art


Angus Hyland, with assistant Masumi Briozzo, has designed four book covers for Polygon’s re-issue of the novels and short stories of James Kelman, the controversial Booker Prize-winning author.

New Work: Safdico


Angus Hyland has produced a new corporate website and content management system (CMS) for the South African Diamond Corporation - Safdico.

Safdico is one of the world’s premier diamond producers, priding itself on its craftsmanship and expertise while operating to the most stringent professional, ethical and social standards. Pentagram’s design for the business-to-business focussed site is elegant and controlled, without denying the inherent glamour of Safdico’s products.

Update: Global Cities


Angus Hyland’s posters for the Global Cities exhibition at Tate Modern have been appearing all over London in the city’s Tube stations. The exhibition is on display until 27 August.

More images and a selection of exhibition reviews after the jump.

United Reveals New Cabin Design


United Airlines announced a breakthrough yesterday: this fall, they will be the first US carrier to feature fully reclining lie-flat seats in their International First and Business cabins. Pentagram’s Daniel Weil worked with United and a team of specialists throughout the intricate process of designing two new cabins.

“This is the moment where the customer is put first,” said Weil. Designed to provide more space and a better sense of privacy through an innovative forward- and rear-facing design and seats that recline 180˚ to form a six-foot-long bed, the first updated planes will take to the skies later this year. The entire international fleet will be updated in phases over the next two to three years.

The new cabins were designed in conjunction with industry experts B/E Aerospace. Pentagram has been United’s design consultant for nearly ten years, with responsibilities that have ranged from developing the airline’s current livery design, to naming its low-cost carrier Ted, to designing its self-service ticket dispensers, to consulting on tableware and in-flight amenities.