New Work: Circular 17


The latest issue of Circular, the magazine of the Typographic Circle, is out now. The ninth consecutive issue designed by Domenic Lippa and his team, it is the first to dispense completely with editorial typography.

Toasting ‘Just My Type’


Pentagram’s New York studio recently hosted the launch party for Just My Type, the new book by Simon Garfield. Friends, colleagues and clients gathered to celebrate the book’s amazing success—has there been another book about fonts to hit the New York Times best-seller list?—and enjoyed a brief and highly amusing presentation by Garfield about the secret history between fonts and dogs, and remarks by Chip Kidd, who contributed the book’s foreword, and William Shinker, Gotham Books publisher. Garfield later signed copies of Just My Type, while guests viewed the book trailer, designed by Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani and Michael Bierut, and sampled our trademark “What Type Are You?” personality quiz, cited in the book.

New Work: Type Directors Club

Animated variations on Paula Scher’s graphics for TDC 58.

The annual awards competition of the Type Directors Club (TDC) presents the best typographic design in the world. Long a favorite of the design community, the awards are renowned for the quality of their selections and the accompanying annual book published by the TDC. Pentagram’s Paula Scher and her team have created a bold graphic program for this year’s competition, TDC 58, that launches with the call for entries, out today.

Scher and her designers saw the project as an opportunity to explore creating a cohesive, recognizable program of graphics without repeating forms. The TDC 58 graphics treat the organization’s acronym in a series of variations on experimental letterforms constructed of straight lines and concentric shapes.

This is the first year that designers can enter the competition digitally, that all the promotion is digital and that the TDC did not produce a traditional print mailer. Based on this Scher decided to make a series of posters for the organization to sell as a fundraiser.

999 Fonts in 60 Seconds

In Just My Type: A Book About Fonts, author Simon Garfield takes readers on a tour through all things typographic. The book, which received a rave this week from The New York Times, traces the development of typography through historic figures like Johannes Gutenberg, John Baskerville, Eric Gill and Jan Tschichold, while considering topics like legibility versus readability, the importance of typeface choice in political campaigns, the advent of digital type and corresponding explosion of new fonts, and what your favorite font says about you. (In the book, Garfield takes Pentagram’s own “What Type Are You?” test. He is Archer Hairline.)

Pentagram’s Naresh Ramchandani and Michael Bierut collaborated on the book’s trailer, a montage that sends the “Just My Type” title pulsing through 999 different fonts (more or less) in a minute. The trip starts and ends in Archer, the font used on the book’s US cover (designed by Roberto de Vicq de Clumptich), passing through much-loved fonts like Bodoni, Helvetica and Gotham, as well as ne’er-do-wells like Comic Sans, Papyrus and Arial. How many fonts can you spot?

Just My Type is out September 1 from Gotham Books. The book was originally published to acclaim in the UK last fall.

Project Team: Naresh Ramchandani, partner-in-charge and creative director; Michael Bierut, partner and designer; Katie Barcelona and Niko Skourtis, font compilers. Animation by Steven Qua.

Paula Scher, Eddie Opara Talk Type for PBS

Pentagram’s Paula Scher and Eddie Opara are among the designers featured in a typography-themed episode of “Off Book,” the new web series from PBS Arts. In the video, Scher and Opara talk about using type to create identity and texture, and share some of their own typographic influences. “Words have meaning and type has spirit,” says Scher. “And the combination is spectacular.”

Awards: Society for Environmental Graphic Design 2011


Supergraphics won big in this year’s SEGD Design Awards, recently announced. Two New York projects by Pentagram’s Paula Scher and team were honored in the awards: Achievement First Endeavor Middle School in Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, and the parking garage at 13-17 East 54th St. in Midtown Manhattan. Both projects use large-scale typography to create unique environments that integrate graphics and architecture.