Jody Hudson-Powell


Originally hailing from Somerset, England, Jody Hudson-Powell—together with his brother and life-long creative collaborator Luke—joined Pentagram as a partner in 2015, following the decade-long success of their independent studio Hudson-Powell. Growing up with an unrivalled interest in the world around him, Jody soon established a fascination and appreciation for space—drawn to the environments we inhabit and their legacies—and how new technologies can interact with and similarly inhabit these spaces. As a result, these interests culminated not only in an experimental practice developed at Central Saint Martins but also further defined the creatively conflicting digital-physical craft that he mastered during his Virtual Environment MSc at UCL’s Bartlett School of Architecture. 

It was at UCL that Jody continued exploring the visualisation of process, product and navigational systems, working within and progressing fields of technology and creative genres—the likes of VR, environmental filters, and AI—decades prior to their commercial or personal accessibility. Jody’s curious and prolific character soon led him to work with some of the world’s biggest brands and projects that have since established striking and lasting impact, reputations and recognition, both commercially and culturally. From the London 2012 Olympics and the BBC to Kylie Minogue and EE, Jody has progressed from strength to strength, working his way up from Nokia’s progressive creative to Design Director of Wolff Olins alongside his creative partner, Luke.

The success of Jody’s practice is perhaps the prominence of process, and the joy had in the act of creation—drawn to understanding the who, what, where, when, how and the why. Diving headfirst into the conceptual countenance that a project embodies, comprehensively considering a project’s technicality and intention in the pursuit of creative expression. In doing so, placing priority and value on action over outcome, a mindset that has also led to the collaborative creation of Hudson-Powell’s own experimental digital realm. A mindful, ephemeral world created to explore imagined folklores, fables and legacies through the means of speculative digital archaeology, sound and 3D design. Crafting truly wonderful, weird and whimsical creations in the process.