Luke Powell

Luke Powell 1500x1500

Originally hailing from Somerset, England, Luke Powell—together with his brother and life-long creative collaborator Jody—joined Pentagram as a partner in 2015, following the decade-long success of their independent studio Hudson-Powell. Ingrained with an unrivalled interest in the world around him, Luke is led by his eclectic curiosities, from skate culture and sci-fi fantasy to Mother Nature and music; driven by his native appetite for story and understanding. It is with this earnest and wondering creative approach that Luke walks a unique balance between technicality and design.

Having begun his professional career whilst studying at Central Saint Martins, Luke endeavoured to stretch the definition of design as far as he could—exploring the sonic and interactive potential of books, type and tech. Enthralled at the interplay between the analogue, virtual and conceptual. Soon after graduating, Luke began working with the London-based creative studio The Kitchen, where he found himself thrown headfirst into the music scene, providing him with the initial space to continue challenging technology’s role and relationship with artistry. Moving between fields of study across design studios before establishing Hudson-Powell, Luke continued to learn from industry experts and imaginative niches, harnessing this cumulative prowess whilst working as Design Director of Wolff Olins alongside his creative partner, Jody.

Working with cultural and commercial brands, Luke’s comprehensive client list features greats from a compelling mixture of genres and fields of study—be it the likes of musical heavy-hitters Gorillaz and PJ Harvey or commercial juggernauts Google and Coca-Cola. Contributing his unrivalled insight and creative artistry to each and every project.

Truly excited by technological development, alongside his conceptual fascinations, Luke considers himself a digital optimist; not staying bogged down in self-indulgent dystopian discussions. Instead, Luke brings this technicality and masterful manipulation of technology into his creative processes – merging the technical with the practical and conceptual. It is within this invention of systems and the extra conceptual depth that Luke distils within projects that results in something truly unique.