Angus Hyland at the London Design Festival

Preview — Sep 20, 2021

‘Looking for a certain ratio’ opens as part of the ‘Design House’ group exhibition in Mayfair.

Looking for a certain ratio, Angus Hyland's series of paintings on canvas and paper have just gone on show as part of this year's London Design Festival.

Through this series of works on canvas, Angus searches for beautiful compositions and harmonies within prescribed sacred geometry, from striking combinations of tightly pigmented colour to subtle variations in pastels and monotones.

“The title of the show is a direct quote from a Brian Eno song, The True Wheel. It’s a nice reference to a musician and artist I admire and, conveniently, it’s an exact description of the territory explored in these paintings” explains Angus. “None of the paintings has a title, so I guess it's quite nice to give some indication of what they’re about. They share this sense of exploration of searching for very precise harmonies.” 

Exploring different relationships between three or more individual reference points formed the basis of all of these intriguing compositions. The series references three different systems: the golden ratio, the ISO paper system (where all the ‘A’ sizes are based on the square root of 2) and the rule of thirds.

The exhibition forms part of the Design House group show at the central London venue 14 Cavendish, Angus's artworks are on show alongside furniture, lighting, glass and ceramics, as well as works in stone and in concrete. Fellow exhibitors include Jasper Morrison, Sebastian Cox, 1882 Ltd and Sebastian Wrong.

Looking for a certain ratio runs from 18-26 September 2021 at 14 Cavendish, Cavendish Square, London W1.

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Angus Hyland at the London Design Festival
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