Celebrating ‘Drawing McCarthy’

Publications — Dec 13, 2013

Pentagram recently invited friends, clients and colleagues to "Join the Party" to celebrate the publication of our newest Pentagram Paper, Drawing McCarthy, at a reception at Pravda in New York. The Paper collects a series of previously unpublished drawings created by the artist Arline Simon as she watched the Army-McCarthy hearings when they were originally televised in 1954. Simon was in attendance at the party, as were Victor Navasky, who contributes an essay to the Paper, and Pentagram's Emily Oberman, who designed the book and also contributes an essay about the artist, who happens to be her mother.

The New York Times recently selected Drawing McCarthy for its 2013 Holiday Gift Guide, in which Times art critic Roberta Smith called Simon's drawings of the hearings "spare, lovely things, primarily linear, that teeter appealingly between caricature and realism." A limited number of copies of Drawing McCarthy are available for $20 each, with all proceeds to be donated to the American Civil Liberties Union. Contact for details.

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