'C/ID: Visual Identity and Branding for the Arts'

Publications — May 10, 2006

A survey of recent and current design work for cultural clients, including galleries, museums, theatres and auditoriums.

Pentagram partner Angus Hyland has edited and designed the new book C/ID: Visual Identity and Branding for the Arts, written with Emily King and published by Laurence King. The book looks at identity design for cultural institutions, which has been flourishing since the advent of “museum as brand.” It includes thirty case studies of successful programs, large and small, from studios around the world.

Thirty international case studies clearly express what good design can do to improve the fortunes and/or image of an institution. The focus is on new identities and their application, as well as smaller design solutions such as gallery guides, promotional programmes (incorporating everything from posters to ad campaigns), exhibition catalogues, branded merchandising, websites, signage systems, temporary exhibition design, renovated environments, new galleries, extensions and completely new buildings. The case studies consider projects large and small - from museums and galleries of international significance to smaller institutions whose sphere of influence is more local. Each study includes comments from the designers and key stakeholders.

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'C/ID: Visual Identity and Branding for the Arts'
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