‘Eye-D’ by Anna Gabriel

Preview — May 18, 2018

Connections, emotions, sublanguage, healing, all flow between us via the eyes.

Robert Plant Zoom Enlarge

Robert Plant

Looking into someone’s eyes for a prolonged period can simultaneously unnerve and bring closeness. Oxytocin is released and the personal boundaries we maintain are challenged.

Exploring this intimacy, photographer Anna Gabriel embarked on a photography project that features some of pop culture's most recognisable faces, shooting close-up portraits of their eyes.

With subjects including Sting, Peter Gabriel and Robert Plant, the resulting series of images offers a compelling and seldom seen perspective of some of the world's most regularly gazed-upon faces.

During a WITNESS fundraiser last year, Gabriel photographed the eyes of a number of attendees, including Pentagram partner Harry Pearce – who has been active on the human rights charity's advisory board since 1993.

Harry Pearce Zoom Enlarge

Harry Pearce

Gabriel plans to release the EYE-D project as a book in 2018; it will feature subjects such as Johnny Depp, Paul Simon, Robert Plant, Lou Reed, David Byrne, Annie Lennox, Michael Stipe, Randy Newman, Tom Petty, The Edge, Bon Iver, and more.

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Nadya Tolokonnikova

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