Harry Pearce visits Italy for JUGULAR launch and Stop and Think

Events — Apr 04, 2019

The Pentagram partner will join the international arts publication for an exclusive event at Milan Design Week.

Pentagram’s Harry Pearce will be attending the Milan launch of the 2nd issue of international arts magazine JUGULAR in which his work is included. On Monday he will be on stage in discussion with Michela Bondardo.

Created in 2018 by Max Zembelli, a leading light in the design and photography worlds, JUGULAR is an innovative new arts magazine that aims to be a place where art, fashion, and design can find place and form. An article written by Pearce – born from his book, ‘Eating with the Eyes’ is due to feature in the publication's second issue.

As part of the launch, JUGULAR will also be hosting a series of talks at Milan’s Salone Internazionale del Mobile. Titled 'Stop and Think', these free-to-enter events will focus on how design can be more emphatic to the human experience. Pearce will be in conversation with Michela Bondardo talking about his work in design and art and his outlook as a human right's activist

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Harry Pearce visits Italy for JUGULAR launch and Stop and Think
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