Home Poems

Preview — Apr 26, 2020

Naresh Ramchandani and team create a series of short films which celebrate things to enjoy in our homes

Home Poems is a series of ten very short films featuring ten very short poems about things we can consider and enjoy inside our homes.

The poems are written by Henry Ponder, a minor British poet who majors in finding interest in the everyday. Naresh Ramchandani and team produced two films about Henry's poems ‘Mind your Head’ and ‘Henry Ponder goes to Cannes’ back in 2016.

While working from home, the team returned to Henry's work and found many poems that celebrated the beauty and wonder of the ordinary things to be found in home life.

The films were produced in many homes.

The poems were selected and the films were produced in Naresh's team's homes. Nine out of the ten films were shot in the home of director Steven Qua—with Oscar-winning guest director Kevin Macdonald lending a hand by shooting 'Stairs' in his home.

The music was created by Yuri Suzuki and JeanGa Becker in their homes.

The titles were created by Harry Pearce and Tom Walker in their homes. The sound was mixed by Iain Grant in his home. And the poems were kindly voiced by the poet Henry Ponder in his home.

Home Poems will be appearing daily @pentagramdesign over the next two weeks.

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