Home Poems on Show at Assab One Gallery

Events — Oct 05, 2020

At the beginning of the UK’s lockdown Naresh Ramchandani's team, together with some friends, created a series of short films celebrating things to enjoy inside our homes.

Entitled ‘Home Poems’, the project features ten very short poems based on the witty micro-musings of Twitter poet Henry Ponder, brought to life by a team of friends all working from their homes. Director Steven Qua and his family were enlisted for nine of the films, with Oscar-winning director Kevin Macdonald for ‘Stairs’. Other creative friends who collaborated on the project included Harry Pearce, Yuri Suzuki, JeanGa Becker and Iain Grant.

This month, ‘Home Poems’ went on show at Assab One Gallery in Milan as part of its annual collaborative show 1+1+1 / 2020, project by Elena Quarestani, and curated by Federica Sala. ‘Home Poems’ is being exhibited alongside new works by Michele De Lucchi and AMDL CIRCLE. 

The poems can be viewed individually via screens housed on plinths designed by Pentagram partner Jon Marshall and team. Each plinth also houses an example of the object featured in the film, including a showerhead, a roll of Sellotape and a boiled egg.

The plinths are divided into two parts by a vertical panel in order to create a deliberate separation between the object itself and the screen showing the film. The tops of the plinths are painted with colours drawn from the films. The aim was to create an interesting juxtaposition between the everyday household objects and their new found art-gallery setting.

1+1+1 / 20 runs at Assab One until 14 November 2020.

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