‘Kenneth Grange: Designing the Modern World’

Preview — Jun 12, 2024

A new book by Thames & Hudson celebrates the Pentagram co-founder’s life in design.

Fifty-two years ago today, Alan Fletcher, Colin Forbes, Theo Crosby, Mervyn Kurlansky and Kenneth Grange founded the design studio Pentagram, named after its five founders. Kenneth brought the discipline of product and industrial design into the mix, turning the partnership into a truly multidisciplinary design practice. 

A new book celebrating Kenneth Grange’s long and very successful career has just been published by Thames & Hudson. Based on a series of in-depth discussions between Kenneth and author Lucy Johnston, it explores Kenneth’s life and work as seen through his eyes. 

Featuring an introduction by Jonathan Ive, the book introduces the figures who have inspired, commissioned and worked alongside Kenneth as his designs transformed Britain and the world. His impressive body of work helped cement Britain’s worldwide post-war reputation as an influential hub of design excellence and shaped the landscape we live in today.

‘Kenneth Grange: Designing the Modern World’ is available now from (US) and (UK).

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‘Kenneth Grange: Designing the Modern World’
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