Naresh Ramchandani Appointed as D&AD President

Events — Oct 09, 2020

Naresh will work with D&AD to investigate how creativity can tackle global issues and explore how to create a fairer, more diverse industry.

Naresh Ramchandani has been announced as the new president of non-profit advertising and design association D&AD for the year 20/21. 

Elected annually from the Board of Trustees, as president Naresh will champion the organisation’s mission and shape the conversations for the year ahead. 

His longstanding commitment to creativity, diversity and environmental activism aligns perfectly with D&AD's mission to stimulate and celebrate excellence in commercial creativity and campaign for a fairer, more diverse industry.

At this crucial time for the creative industries, in his role as president Naresh will amplify and advocate existing programmes and champion new routes into the industry for emerging creatives and under-represented voices.

A longtime campaigner on environmental issues through his Do the Green Thing initiative, he will also work with D&AD to explore how global issues can be tackled with creativity, and how the sector can help fight climate change by amplifying environmental protest and sustainable practice.

Naresh commented: “I’m very honoured to be offered this position, and I’m excited to be working with D&AD and its trustees to help the creative industry engage with the many challenges it faces today. I’m looking forward to exploring how creatives and their agencies can engage with their social impact and do so with the highest standards of creativity.”

Read an interview with Naresh on ‘Campaign’ here.

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Naresh Ramchandani Appointed as D&AD President
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