Naresh Ramchandani: ‘Having, Losing, Remembering’

Preview — Apr 07, 2020

A bittersweet story that forms part of the ‘Travelling Companions’ exhibition.

Naresh Ramchandani has been invited to contribute to 'Travelling Companions’, an exhibition by Jody Goldhill and Fay Ballard which explores personal belongings as ‘travelling companions to life’. 

Ranging from representations of self, home, and someone loved, to the more practical things we like to travel with, the objects form a reminder that none of us travels empty-handed.

Naresh’s piece ‘Having, Losing, Remembering’ starts with the gift from his father of his first Sony Walkman in 1980 and looks at the bittersweet memories the object evokes. Other contributors include Annie Lennox, Rabbi the Baroness Neuberger DBE and Iain Sinclair.

Curated by Ro Spankie, the exhibition was created for The Alison Richard Building (ARB), at the University of Cambridge. All of the pieces in the exhibition can now be viewed online.

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Naresh Ramchandani: ‘Having, Losing, Remembering’
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