Paula Scher and Marina Willer are Honoured by the RSA

Commentary — Nov 29, 2021

Both Pentagram partners are now Royal Designers for Industry.

Congratulations to Pentagram partners Paula Scher and Marina Willer who have both been honoured with the UK’s most prestigious design award, the Royal Designer for Industry (RDI). 

The Royal Designer for Industry title is awarded by the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) every year to individuals who demonstrate “sustained design excellence” and produce “work of aesthetic value and significant benefit to society”.

Established in 1936, at any one time only 200 designers can hold the position of RDI. As well as graphic design, the award has recognised designers from many different design disciplines including architecture, textiles, industrial design and fashion. Current RDIs include Vivienne Westwood, Paul Smith and Margaret Calvert. 

Paula and Marina join fellow RDIs (and Pentagram partners emeriti) Alan Fletcher, Colin Forbes, Kenneth Grange, Fernando Gutiérrez, David Hillman, John McConnell and Peter Saville.

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Paula Scher and Marina Willer are Honoured by the RSA
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