Paula Scher Creates Helvetica NFTs in Collaboration with Monotype

Preview — Jun 28, 2022

The designer joins other artists for a new collection celebrating the typeface.

Pentagram partner Paula Scher has created a set of NFTs inspired by the typeface Helvetica as part of Monotype’s first ever digital art collection, #HelveticaNow.

Monotype invited more than two dozen artists and designers to contribute to the collection, which celebrates the ubiquity of the world’s best-known typeface and the role of typography in culture. The series was produced in partnership with the Web3.0 creative community KnownUnknown and will be available as NFTs in the coming weeks.

Titled “Blowing Up Helvetica,” Scher’s three NFTs—two animations and a poster—are inspired by Monotype’s catalog of the many weights of Helvetica, shown together from the thinnest to the fattest form. Scher imagined the letters as a still animation sequence of someone pumping up the thin Helvetica until it might burst.

In 2019 Monotype launched Helvetica Now, a redrawn version of the typeface for digital contexts.

Sign up to gain early access to the Helvetica NFTs here.

Project team: Paula Scher, Bruno Bergallo.

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Paula Scher Creates Helvetica NFTs in Collaboration with Monotype
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