rɘ―inc Field of Flowers Collection

Preview — Nov 05, 2021

Eddie Opara and team collaborate on a collection for rɘ―inc that celebrates the spirit of a summer that brought people back together.

With fall here and winter on its way, we’d like to take a look back at one of our favorite projects from the warmer months. 

Pentagram’s Eddie Opara and team collaborated on Field of Flowers, the spring/summer 2021 collection from rɘ―inc, the lifestyle brand co-founded by world champion US women’s national soccer team members Tobin Heath, Christen Press and Megan Rapinoe and former member Meghan Klingenberg.

The graphics build on the brand identity Opara and team previously created for rɘ―inc. The new collection is built around a theme of “prosperity and peace,” possibility and community, elevating your spirit and nourishing your soul along with others. The brand wanted to capture the mood of a summer that brought people back together to celebrate after the isolation of the lockdown.

The look and feel of the collection is inspired by the abundance of nature, with references to blooming flowers, outdoor gatherings and the idea that “When you’re in a field of flowers, you’re free,” in the words of Tobin Heath, rɘ―inc’s Creative Director. 

The Pentagram team created custom typography with an exuberant, trippy look that references music festivals, the Summer of Love and the peace movements of the 60s and 70s, a nod to another era when people were actively engaged in fighting for justice. The designers looked at psychedelic posters of the period by artists like Bonnie MacLean and Victor Moscoso. 

The theme is also reflected in the choice of items for the collection, which includes blankets, pillows and beach towels perfect for picnics; graphic tees and prints reminiscent of festival swag; and stencils and patches that can be used to personally customize other objects. Some pieces appear in vibrant colors, while others are blurred, faded and distressed for a vintage aesthetic.

For the collection, rɘ―inc partnered with Partners in Health to champion their work in creating an equitable global response to the pandemic. Aspects of the Field of Flowers graphics were previewed in a “Reunite” capsule collection timed to the start of the Summer Olympics.

Pieces from the collection are still available––check them out here. Read an interview with Pentagram designer Lili Phillips about working on the collection on the rɘ―inc blog.

Project team: Eddie Opara, Lili Phillips, Raoul Gottschling, Dana Reginiano

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