Roxane Gay Books

Preview — May 26, 2021

The celebrated author, editor and columnist launches a new publishing imprint through Grove Atlantic, with a brand identity designed by Emily Oberman and team.

Emily Oberman and team have designed the brand identity for Roxane Gay Books, Grove Atlantic’s new publishing imprint for Roxane Gay, the celebrated author of books such as Bad Feminist and Hunger, editor, film and TV writer, professor, commentator, New York Times columnist, social media master, podcaster and (lucky for us!) friend of Pentagram. The imprint, announced today, will publish a mix of fiction, memoir and nonfiction from a curated selection of authors, predominantly focusing on BIPOC and LGBTQIA writers.

The identity features a strong and confident wordmark designed to complement content that is powerful, risky, interesting and provocative. The logo is set in the versatile geometric sans Cy (by Supertype). A rectangular “O” suggests the shape of a book or page, or a doorway or window. The left alignment of the logo speaks to clarity and simplicity, and nicely stacks the letters “RGB” while lining up the two circular “O”s as well.

The logotype is accompanied by a graphic symbol formed of the reversed counters of each “O,” a simple and scalable icon that will be highly recognizable on book spines.

Project team: Emily Oberman, Mira Khandpur, Laura Berglund, Anastasia Kharchenko, Lisa Grant

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