Sonic Bloom Launches in Mayfair

Preview — Aug 23, 2021

A new interactive installation by Yuri Suzuki which brings people together through sound.

Sonic Bloom is an interactive community-focused, multi-sensory installation which explores the nature of communication through sound. Curated by Alter-Projects and designed by Pentagram partner Yuri Suzuki, the brightly coloured sculpture is located in Brown Hart Gardens in the heart of London’s Mayfair. 

Sonic Bloom is a playground of sound which aims to rebuild a sense of community in London after such a long period of isolation. It consists of a physical installation in Brown Hart Gardens and of a parallel digital experience that will launch during the London Design Festival in September. 

The installation itself is a network of colourful horn-shaped elements which create a magical, interactive flower. The sculpture amplifies the sounds absorbed from its surroundings and transports voice recordings from people at street level through its stems.

Sonic Bloom is both a public artwork and a communication tool that invites participants to listen on one side, and speak on the other. It enhances the music of the city that often goes unnoticed: birdsong, leaves rustling and passers by going about their daily business and invites visitors to speak into the horns, emerging on the other side of the listening tubes. 

Opening to the public for a year from 23 August, Sonic Bloom invites people to go outside and reconnect with the environment, bringing the city’s community closer together through a sense of shared experience in time, place and space.

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