Yuri Suzuki’s ‘Vox PopulA.I’ Installed at Science Center Singapore

Preview — Jun 12, 2023

The interactive sculpture located at the Museum’s newly-developed outdoor space brings together sound, sculpture and Artificial Intelligence.

Yuri Suzuki and team’s latest project ‘Vox PopulA.I’ is an interactive sculpture located at the newly developed outdoor space in Science Centre Singapore. Bringing together sound, sculpture and artificial intelligence, it features five horns singing in chorus, generating lyrics and melodies live via a uniquely trained, site-specific piece of AI software.

Drawing inspiration from Yuri’s previous work ‘The Welcome Chorus’ which debuted at the Turner Contemporary, ‘Vox PopulA.I’ performs its AI-generated composition every few minutes using local choir folk music. Each performance is unique, reflecting the constantly evolving and unpredictable nature of machine learning.

Visitors can interact with the AI artwork and influence the machine learning taking place by speaking or singing into the grey ‘conductor’ sculpture. They can then hear the horns respond to their sounds. Through this playful vocal exchange, words will be added to the AI data bank to influence future performances.

Project team:
Gabriel Vergara II
Eira Szadurski
Tiffany Hultgren
Roc H Biel

Special thanks:
Counterpoint Studio
Urban Art Projects

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Yuri Suzuki’s ‘Vox PopulA.I’ Installed at Science Center Singapore
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