‘Acid Brexit’

Film & Motion Graphics, Sound Design

Acid House album and animation protesting Brexit and its hateful anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Acid House Music is protest music.

It was discovered coincidentally, from a melody generated by a Roland TB-303 bass synthesizer. Born in Chicago, the addictive sound was imported to the UK and spread widely in youth culture during the 90s and the ‘second summer of love’.

Acid House and Techno artists of the 90’s such as KLF, Underground Resistance and Psychic TV all used Acid House/Techno to communicate a political opinion or manifesto.

Thatcher tried to ban Acid House. Some say it was because of the drug use, others say it was the noise nuisance. Yet any space that empowers young people to express their dissatisfaction will always be considered a threat.

And it is imperative that they have this space.

Music and sound are always a powerful tool for communication. Charivari is an ancient French custom where the making of sound is used for protest, against or for change.

This project is a tool for protest. The tracks are free to download, mash up, reuse, reissue – and everything else in between. The songs may be posted anywhere and used in any way. Take them, listen to them, sample them and change them in whatever way best suits your cause.

Yuri Suzuki
Jody Hudson-Powell
Luke Powell
Project team
Fadi Dada
Adam Cheong MacLeod
Corey Scott McDonald
Zoë Anspach, album art
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