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Brand identity for a business which uses big data to help the automotive and insurance markets see the full picture.

Cazana uses big data and analytics to enable motor retailers, insurers and lenders to give unbiased insights and accurate evaluations. It believes that insight, overview and impartiality enable better decisions, which in turn create a fairer global automotive market.

As well as approaching from a broad perspective, Cazana gives granular levels of information to present insights in a clear and actionable way. It was Cazana’s skill in transforming complexity into understandable and valuable information in real-time that drove Pentagram’s approach to its new brand language. 

The Pentagram team worked closely with Cazana’s CEO and its select committee to develop its brand position and statement ‘See the full picture’. The design team translated this ability to seamlessly view macro and micro information into motion patterns that zoom in and out—this later became a key aspect of the communications created by the team. 

Working across many different sectors within the automotive industry and with plans to expand globally, Cazana’s offer needed to be straightforward at the same time acknowledging the big data which is central to everything that Cazana does.

The C symbol follows the original logo form, but is now created through a pattern of dots which is applied across the graphic language, allowing the viewer to zoom in and out of the picture. This gives a sense of perspective which expresses Cazana’s vision of seeing the full picture.

The symbol is accompanied by a bright palette of blues and greens, alongside a selection of more muted soft greys which provide contrast. The palette is used extensively throughout the various infographics, and also improves functionality across all of Cazana’s digital products. Colophon Foundry’s Basis Grotesque has been used throughout to provide clarity and legibility across all of the brand communications.

The identity has been applied to marketing materials, social channels and the Cazana website—it will also be adapted to the product UI to bring a unified brand experience. As well as showcasing the company’s products and offer, the website also hosts sections on Cazana’s mission statement and vision for the future, and features a blog with ongoing resources and industry insights. 

Cazana’s CEO Tom Wood comments: “This rebrand of Cazana represents a significant step in the company’s evolution and our aspiration to be the global vehicle data provider. While we’ve always been well known for trustworthy, accurate, credible data and industry knowledge, this new brand better encompasses this and is much more appropriate for the next step of the Cazana journey—taking our automotive insights global to support businesses and consumers worldwide.” 

Brand Identity
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