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Title sequence for the Disney+ and Hulu superhero comedy series.

The new Disney+ and Hulu comedy series “Extraordinary” follows Jen (played by Máiréad Tyers), an irreverent 25-year old in East London, as she navigates a world in which every person has a superpower except for her. Pentagram partner Matt Willey and team designed the title sequence and visual identity for the show, including a custom typeface for the logo and end credits. 

Written by Emma Moran and produced by Sid Gentle, the show shifts the traditional superhero narrative into a vibrant and hysterical story about finding one’s identity in a world where everyone is exceptional. “Extraordinary” is a contemporary comedy that subverts a classic genre, and the Pentagram team wanted to capture this balance of modern and retro in the show’s visual identity. 

The show’s titles feature nine bespoke type treatments inspired by classic comic book lettering, each with unique animations that represent the various superpowers seen in the show. The abrupt animation changes reflect the show’s surprising tone shifts and Jen’s overwhelming experience without powers in a supernatural world. A halftone is utilized across the titles to visually unite the varied typography and evokes a feeling of nostalgia. 

The show’s logo and end credits are set in a custom typeface designed with Blast Foundry. The typeface has a base and a shadow weight that can be individually colored to create various expressions for the logo, and the end credits feature vivid color blocking and a parallax animation to further compliment the show’s spirited, gritty, and dynamic character. 

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Matt Willey
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Chantal Jahchan
Diana Ovezea, font engineer
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