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Naming and brand identity for Akbank’s new digital payment app.

Juzdan is a digital payment app owned by Turkey’s leading bank, Akbank. Designed for those seeking convenience, flexibility and freedom from payment constraints, it’s a payment system that’s free to use, open to all, and totally secure.

Juzdan offers a digital wallet that allows customers to add all their different bank cards, and then make and view transactions. Juzdan also offers customers the opportunity to pay in instalments, plus a range of other perks and incentives. 

The main challenge for Juzdan was to differentiate itself in an already crowded marketplace. As well as being independent of Akbank’s main identity, it needed to appeal to a broad spectrum of customers, from high-net-worth early adopters to those at the very beginning of their financial journeys.

With Akbank’s goal to transform Juzdan into a universal payment wallet compatible with every device and every browser, it was vital that the brand would appeal to the wider public (not just Akbank’s customers). With this as a starting point, Pentagram created a strategy for Juzdan that centres around the idea of a ‘wallet without limits’. This perfectly describes Juzdan’s ambition to break down barriers and help everyone—no matter what their financial position—to take control of their finances.

Pentagram also came up with the name ’Juzdan’, which is a play on ‘cüzdan’, Turkish for 'wallet'. The Juzdan logo was designed to appear friendly, approachable and instantly recognisable. The construction of the letter ‘J’ creates a marque that visually nods to the notions of a wallet, as well as digital interactions. The outstroke of the J letterform is created from a quarter section of a circle, with the cross stroke created from a whole circle. The counter of the ‘d’ and ‘a’ in ‘Juzdan’ mimic this circular form. 

Juzdan’s new colour palette consists of four primary colours and their respective shades, as well as a spot colour, carefully chosen to help it immediately stand out from its competitors. These are used together to create many different combinations, particularly in digital environments. 

Alongside the logo, colourful geometric graphic devices (called ‘Pathways’) are used across all of Juzdan’s external communications. Following the unique construction of the ‘J’ in the logo, they symbolise Juzdan’s ability to break down barriers and connect with its customers. These graphic devices symbolise how Juzdan can help people take control of their financial journeys, reinforcing the brand proposition, ‘A wallet without limits’.

Typography is modern and approachable with Sofia Pro used across all of Juzdan’s communications. The open terminals and rounded letterforms echo the construction of the Juzdan logo and give a very elegant, modern and friendly feel to the typographic language. At the same time, type remains highly legible even at the smallest of sizes.

A set of bespoke illustrations were commissioned, these are used to add warmth and communicate Juzdan’s product in a clear, approachable and engaging way. Each illustration appears to be formed from a single continuous line, adding an element of playfulness and hinting at the endless possibilities that Juzdan has to offer.

Photography plays a crucial role in communicating what Juzdan can offer its customers. Images appear authentic and warm, reflecting its brand personality and celebrating its audiences and products. 

Pentagram’s new brand identity for Juzdan positions it as a progressive and trusted digital payment app which can help anyone take control of their finances, whatever their financial situation.

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Angus Hyland
Project team
Alice Murray
Alex Wright
Yorgos Panagopoulos
Shirley Wang
Daniela Perez
Lesley Hendersen
Kate Heller
Federico Gaggio (strategy)
Claire Berthet (strategy)
Sophie Hayes (design)
Katerina Kerouli (illustrations)
Colm Larkin (tone of voice)
The Konfig Ltd (tone of voice)
Roger Taylor (artworking)
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