Life Supplies

Industrial/Product Design

Industrial design of a range of refillable vessels for a personal care brand.

Life Supplies is a personal care company that has reimagined bathroom essentials, swapping out harsh chemicals for natural ingredients. All products are plant-based, vegan and SLS/paraben free.

Life Supplies founder James Mishreki started the company after hearing that in the UK only 50% of bathroom waste is recycled, with the rest sent to landfill. Recyclable bathroom waste accounts for 40% of the UK’s total landfill use. Life Supplies works with a subscription refill model using recyclable paper-based cartons and refill bottles, reducing the plastic impact of bathroom essentials by 98%

Pentagram partnered with Life Supplies to develop reusable lifetime bottles for their hand soap, bath & shower, dental and deodorant ranges. The pump dispenser vessels have been built to last and designed to look good in the bathroom rather than shout in the supermarket.

A key design feature was the use of very wide bottle openings to aid refilling. The extra large pump button is easy to use and also means the pump component can be placed upside down while refilling to avoid drips.

The hand soap dispenser has a frosted glass bottle and the shower gel/shampoo version uses a larger brushed aluminium bottle to reduce the chance of breakages. The pump lids and domes are all made from metal to minimise plastic use.

The design team developed an overall design system, starting with the pump dispensers but then extending to other products such as the refillable roller ball deodorant and the toothpaste dispenser. The sizing of all the elements has been developed to work for direct-to-consumer shipping and the shipping packaging itself was developed to be an integral part of the product experience.

Jon Marshall
Project team
Vincent Fan
Amelia Kociolkowska
Steph Hamilton-Jones
Harc Lee
Nick Rochowski (photography)
Found Studio (animation)
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