ofi Cocoa Compass Impact Report

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Annual impact report for a company looking to make the future of cocoa more sustainable.

As part of its ambition to make the future of cocoa more sustainable, every year cocoa specialist ofi releases an annual Cocoa Compass Impact Report.

The report combines illustration, photography and data to tell stories from the communities ofi works with globally. It sets sustainability goals for the future, while being transparent about its activities.

Pentagram has a long-standing relationship with ofi (formerly Olam) and is commissioned to update the report every year. This year’s redesign is the first major overhaul of the report since it launched its cocoa sustainability strategy in 2019.

Pentagram was asked to create a new look that would align the report to the updated ofi brand. Colour, illustration and photography are cleverly combined to capture the richness of cocoa and the different communities that work closely with ofi.

A grid system was designed to allow the content to be arranged flexibly across the report and provide structure to the overall design language. Illustration also plays a key role in the report—the design team commissioned and art-directed a series of original illustrations from Benjamin Flouw. The illustrations are friendly, engaging and uplifting, combining layers of texture and colour to reflect the natural beauty and complexity of cocoa. Each section is introduced by a title illustration that weaves together the text and cocoa-inspired imagery.

These are combined with bold typography and earthy colours to bring to life key statistics within each section. Colour is also used to distinguish between the different group sections, allowing users to navigate easily through the report.

The report’s photography centres around the origins of cocoa and the communities that grow it. From dramatic landscapes of cocoa forests and close-ups of the beans, to the farmers who grow them, the engaging images give a snapshot into the rich world of cocoa production.

Pentagram’s colourful design gives ofi’s Cocoa Compass Impact Report a distinct character, combining joyful illustrations and bold layouts to emphasise the company’s forward-thinking, sustainable vision for the future of cocoa. 

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Angus Hyland
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Daniela Perez
Yorgos Panagopoulos
Charlotte Selby
Benjamin Flouw (illustrations)
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