Editorial Design

Design of a type specimen for a new typeface from CoType Foundry.

Orbikular is a new serif typeface from CoType, the London-based foundry of type designer Mark Bloom. Pentagram partner Matt Willey and team created a type specimen for Orbikular that showcases its unique characteristics. The contemporary serif is ideal for magazines, books and branding, and the print piece in an oversized A3 format highlights its versatility and scalability.

Orbikular is available in six weights with matching italics, and offers expanded weights in a text font family. The specimen organizes the type in grids and columns to suggest its editorial uses. Larger type samples appear in the contrasting colors of fluorescent neon red-orange (Pantone 805) and kerry green, with letters from various Orbikular fonts directly layered in some spreads for visual comparison of their shapes and attributes.

The specimen was printed by Identity on Fedrigoni UK Arena Natural Bulk 90 g/m2/ and is distributed with purchases of the font.

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Matt Willey
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