Print Club London

Brand Identity, Digital Design

Website and online gallery for the East London screenprinting studio.

Print Club London is a screenprinting studio and online gallery offering affordable, limited edition, handmade screenprints and screenprinting workshops. Dedicated to nurturing creative talent and the craft of screenprinting, Print Club represents a diverse selection of contemporary artists, cherry-picking some of the UK's best talent ranging from street art to graphic design and illustration. It also offers desk space and screenprinting at its open-access studio in East London.

Pentagram worked closely with directors Fred and Kate Higginson to reimagine the Print Club website as a space to showcase both prints for purchase and the print-making process. It was important to show that Print Club isn't just a printmaker, but also provides a valuable resource for artists.

Print Club has grown from a small independent screenprinting studio to a formidable creative hub that offers screenprinting classes and a large collection of prints from established artists. The new website needed to reflect that, while retaining the independent feel that makes Print Club unique.

The brand identity features bespoke hand-drawn lettering designed by Print Club's creative director, Rose Stallard, and takes its cue from the Print Club logo. The lettering was redrawn by Rose and transformed into a fully functional display font called PC Marker by the Pentagram team. PC Marker’s generous proportions and expressive characters evoke the tactility and imperfect nature of hand-made processes.

Production Type’s Dr was chosen for the secondary typeface. A geometric sans serif that feels precise and modern, its unique design features perfectly complement and contrast the playfulness of PC Marker.

The new Print Club website was designed to create a seamless user experience. Pentagram’s design team worked alongside LeCollective to ensure that transitioning between the gallery and the studio felt intuitive, and that the focus remains on the artists and the print-making process.

A monochromatic palette of black and white serves as a powerful navigation tool from the gallery to the studio, guiding users on their journey and acting as a backdrop for the colourful work showcased throughout the site.

Interactivity and animation were added to create an engaging and playful user experience, reflecting the character of the business and the people who use it. The vibrancy of the studio is captured in a series of informal shots, and a custom suite of illustrations helps visitors to navigate and discover Print Club’s different offerings.

Pentagram has created a new look for Print Club London which perfectly communicates the joy of screenprinting while showcasing its talented artists. It gives visitors to the site a seamless experience, whether they’re buying prints, booking a workshop or just looking for inspiration.

Angus Hyland
Project team
Karolina Alvekrans
Alice Murray
Yorgos Panagopoulos
Daniela Perez
Charlotte Selby
Roger Taylor (artworking)
LeCollective (UX / UI)
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