‘Pyramidi’ for

Exhibition Design, Campaigns, Sound Design

Commissioned by musician and producer for ‘Digital Revolution’, an exhibition at the Barbican art gallery in London.

The exhibition explored how digital technology has evolved since the 1970s. 

Featuring in the show, 'Pyramidi' is comprised of three instruments that have been deconstructed into robotic machines that play music. The band consists of a set of drums, a guitar and an electric piano. They are designed from using parts from a Fender Rhodes electric piano, guitar and electric drum kit. explains that the idea behind it is to "show the interface between analogue and digital music."

Yuri Suzuki
Searu .
Pasha Shapiro
Ernst Weber
Tatiana Litvin
Kenjiro Matsuo
Joseph Popper
Arthur Carabott
Alex Bygrave
Maxime Castelli
David Benett
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