René Redzepi: A Journal

Book Design

Graphics and book design for the new book from acclaimed Danish chef, René Redzepi.

A Work in Progress: A Journal is a new book from acclaimed Danish chef René Redzepi, who has built his formidable reputation on the reinvention of Nordic cuisine through the co-owned two-Michelin star restaurant Noma. Based around a constant cycle of innovation and inventiveness, the restaurant’s fresh and surprising menu is rooted in the ingredients that flow into Copenhagen from the surrounding arenas and from across the Baltic Sea.

A Work in Progress is not a cookbook in the traditional sense. While there are a few recipes at the back, the book is essentially a documentation of a year in the life of Redzepi and his team, following a process of discovery and refinement as they embrace all of nature’s mood swings with each new season rolling in. Profiling the struggle, determination and teamwork, the journal is a candid and witty story about creativity and inspiration.

The design of the book is pared back and understated, highlighting the body text and imagery. The text is set in Arnhem, a highly legible and elegant serif typeface designed by Fred Smeijers. With its large x-height, strong colour and high contrast, Arnhem was the perfect typeface for long passages of text. It conveys a sense of warmth whilst retaining a strong and contemporary personality. All the design elements, including materiality, come together to support the intimate, reflective nature of the content. 

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