Robert Welch, Bath

Interiors & Architecture

Interior design for the retailer specializing in modern silverware designs.

Best known for their modern silverware designs, Robert Welch turned to Pentagram when opening a new store in Bath, England. 

Located in Broad Street, in the heart of Medieval Bath, the store's interior design language intends to open up the space, in an effort to better connect the central Design Studio to the retail space and a Story Wall featuring the life and work of Welch. 

In Bath, the same focal displays are also at the heart of the store, this time scaled to suit a space typical to this part of the city—long and narrow with a busy street on one side and a small public courtyard on the other.

The white walls, black glass finishes and mirror polished stainless steel details of the displays are contrasted against a new full height wall of local Bath stone. Together they combine to express the warm and tactile modernism that is at the heart of Robert Welch products.

Lorenzo Apicella
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