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Brand Identity

A new brand identity for Thailand's leading entertainment and commerce group.

Pentagram has created the brand identity for RS Public Company Limited (RS Group), Thailand’s leading entertainment and commerce group.

Founded in 1976 by two brothers, music company ‘Rose Sound’ grew to become the iconic record label RS Sound in 1982. The business then expanded into other media, including films, drama, variety shows and sports, and is now growing beyond the world of entertainment and entering into the commerce business. 

RS Group needed to convey its expanded offer, and to reach new avenues and digital lifestyle platforms to “inspire and fulfil people with valuable entertainment and solutions”. The design team’s initial task was to position RS as a group that was moving forwards, and much more than just the successful media company it was primarily known as.

The new brand identity needed to be flexible and allow RS to open up to new opportunities and trends, and to diversify its business in today’s fast-disrupting world.

The new logo represents the structure behind a wide range of businesses, as RS invests and grows ideas into businesses, using its expertise and resources to enable growth. The lines on the logo form the letters ‘RS’, resembling a skeleton or scaffolding behind shapes and forms, representing the constant structure at the heart of the group’s diverse portfolio.

The linear form of the logo can be repeated to form patterns or be filled in with imagery and colour. This creates a flexible graphic language which can incorporate different content or grow into larger structures.

When the brand is used in applications such as merchandising, corporate gifts and more institutional applications, it is used in black and white, letting the colour come from the abstract images which populate the identity. These images are abstract so they can represent a broad range of subjects, reflecting the group’s move to embrace a wide range of industries and products beyond just media.

Following this project, the design team also created the brand for RS Mall, RS Group’s consumer-facing brand and home shopping platform. RS Mall’s identity was developed from the RS Group’s core identity, forming a modular system, a pattern that combines outlines and solid shapes to bring RS Mall’s content to life.

This sophisticated identity for the RS Group suggests modernity and movement, enabling the fast-growing media and lifestyle brand to fully embrace new ideas and opportunities as it moves forward.

Marina Willer
Project team
Stuart Gough
Hamlet Auyeung
Sthuthi Ramesh
Marta Gaspar
Kate Blewett
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