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Design for a definitive 50 year monograph that traces the evolution of the influential architect Moshe Safdie.

For five decades, the pioneering architect Moshe Safdie has designed iconic buildings and public spaces that have contributed in meaningful ways to their settings while catalyzing a vibrant public life. Pentagram has designed Safdie (Images Publishing), a definitive 50 year monograph that traces the evolution of the prolific architect, urban planner, educator, theorist and author. Safdie was awarded the 2015 AIA Gold Medal in recognition of his lasting influence on the theory and practice of architecture.

Safdie presents a complete chronology of Safdie's planning and design work since the inception of his practice, ranging from his groundbreaking modular design for Habitat ’67 in Montreal to his current commissions around the world. Organized to follow the architect's career and design explorations, the book is richly illustrated with architectural imagery, design drawings and essays by noted critics and writers.

The designers worked closely with Safdie on the design of the monograph. Safdie’s buildings are known for their strong geometry, and the book utilizes a clean, elegant layout that echoes the lines of the architecture. The book features 72 projects—cultural, educational and civic institutions, housing and mixed-use complexes, and airports—organized in eight thematic chapters that explore both architectural themes and regional geographies. Each section includes a gatefold that opens into a detailed timeline of built, in-progress and unbuilt projects.

The monumental and immersive 820-page book has been published in two hardcover sizes: big and very big—9" by 11", and 15 3/8” by 12 ¼", weighing 20 pounds.

Pentagram has collaborated with Safdie and his partners on many projects, including the design of environmental graphics for Lester B. Pearson International Airport in Toronto, the Salt Lake City Public Library, and Marina Bay Sands in Singapore. 

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