Second Home

Brand Identity

Brand identity for a creative institution and workspace that provides private studios to fast-growing technology firms and entrepreneurs.

Pentagram has designed the brand identity for Second Home, a creative institution and workspace in Shoreditch, which provides private studios for fast-growing technology firms and entrepreneurs. Second Home is a curated community that brings together small companies and freelancers to foster new inventions, dialogues and partnerships.

Second Home is founded by Sam Aldenton and Rohan Silva, former senior policy adviser to the Prime Minister and creator of the Government’s Tech City initiative. The building is designed by award-winning architects Selgas Cano, who have created an aspirational environment that blurs the lines between nature and construction. It is the first of a series that will be opened around the world.

The brand is all about fusion and the identity is inspired by the crossovers between life and work, art and science, and knowledge and invention that a shared and collaborative environment creates. Pentagram has designed a family of twelve logos, made of two overlapping circles. The Second Home word mark sits on the overlapping section of the logo, representing the space where new ideas happen. The logos feature a range of colours, reflecting the diversity and energetic spirit of their members.

Courier Sans is the headline typeface, conveying approachability. Avenir is the secondary typeface, its rounded letter forms and easy readability complimenting the less formal tone of Courier Sans.

Second Home
Brand Identity
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