‘The Guggenheim: Frank Lloyd Wright’

Book Design

Book documenting the creation of the iconic building, the final project of the renowned architect.

The Guggenheim: Frank Lloyd Wright and the Making of the Modern Museum is the definitive chronicle of the creation of the iconic building, the final project of its renowned architect. The book is a companion volume to Frank Lloyd Wright: From Within Outward, the blockbuster exhibition that became the museum’s most popular show ever during its run in New York. The project is the ultimate souvenir book, and it has been designed to captivate architectural aficionados and casual visitors alike.

The design translates the famous Guggenheim spiral into an iconic typographic composition, its concentric circles evoking the view from the top of the rotunda. A collage of news clippings and correspondences of important events and players adorns the endpapers. The distinctive rusty red color throughout the book is inspired by Wright’s palette.

Taking cues from architectural journals of the 1950’s bold layouts were created that are both elegant and controlled. A fantastically detailed timeline comprises 76 pages of the 230-page text, nearly a third of the book. Red bars striping the page edge create a visible band along the fore-edge of the book’s pages. The timeline delves deeply into the history of the design, augmenting straight information with scanned letters, news clippings, drawings and photographs to give life to the context and controversy out of which the Guggenheim arose.

New York
Abbott Miller
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