Brand Identity, Naming

Naming, strategy and brand identity for a new high-performance activewear and loungewear apparel brand.

Viren is a new apparel brand focused on high-performance activewear and loungewear. Founded in the UK, it has ambitions to challenge industry giants such as Lululemon, Sweaty Betty, LNDR, and Varley.

To help bring the exciting new brand to market, Pentagram worked closely with Viren’s founders, looking at everything from naming and brand strategy through to product design concepts and visual identity,

After Pentagram's in-depth research phase, it became clear that brands in this space need to go beyond the expected social media campaign or influencer-driven marketing approach, and instead insist on quality and clarity at every stage. Viren needed to create a powerful, confident, and resilient brand that would appeal to its target market.

Pentagram’s remit involved looking at almost all aspects of the creative process, from strategy, brand positioning, naming and tone of voice, to the visual assets including the logo, symbol, and colour palette, as well as art direction and digital experience. This ensured a highly consistent and confident brand that manifests the founders’ passion for quality.

Registering a brand name at a global level can be challenging; however, after a detailed research phase by the team at Pentagram (and a lengthy registration process), the brand identity was finalised. Pentagram also created the brand positioning which centres around the idea ‘Power your obsession’. This was born from the brand seeking to appeal to and represent resilient women, with the Viren ethos of quality and empowerment running through everything from the products themselves to the tone of voice and messaging across all of its communications.

Visually, this translated into a seamlessly flexible logo and a distinctive symbol that can be used in many sizes and variations (including a repeating pattern), while retaining a strong and coherent brand identity. The simplicity of the symbol and the way it seamlessly embeds within the wordmark, provides the flexibility to stand out in all variations and positions on the garments, as well as creating a highly consistent user experience across all touch points.

Viren’s new colour palette combines vibrant cobalt and scarlet, and a cool grey alongside black and white, while typography is elegant and confident, using F37’s Blanka typeface family throughout.

Product photography is designed to show the brand’s functional, comfortable, and resilient qualities while clearly showcasing the design, fit, and attributes of the products themselves. Lifestyle shots are stylish and resilient and communicate the passion, energy, and sense of empowerment associated with the Viren brand.

Pentagram worked closely with Viren’s founders at all stages of the project. This allowed the team to gain a deep understanding of Viren’s ambition for the business and brand needs both in the short and long term. The team added clarity and confidence to the brand, giving the business all the tools it needs to launch and becoming a trusted partner as the business grows.

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