Hay Festival

Preview — Mar 26, 2020

Marina Willer and team add to their popular identity for the global literary festival.

Marina Willer and team have expanded the brand identity for Hay Festival, adding a series of patterns which derived from its logo and language of growth.

Founded in 1987 in a field in Wales, Hay now encompasses a wide range of literary-based activities and platforms including international festivals and forums, educational projects, a digital player, and the Hay Festival Foundation.

In 2019, the Pentagram team created a visual language and system to express the festival’s many activities and what connects them.

Built around the idea ‘Imagine the world’, the rich visual system features a colourful tree with many branches, celebrating imagination and representing the multifaceted family of Hay editions and the activities that happen alongside them.

The patterns are designed to be used across many applications as the Hay brand continues to flourish and grow, including on its promotional materials and merchandise, including its colourful tote bags and accessories.

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