Marina Willer Inducted Into the Design Week Awards Hall of Fame

Preview — Jun 27, 2018

She becomes the 16th inductee, alongside the likes of Sir Jony Ive, Dinah Casson and Sir John Sorrell.

Pentagram partner Marina Willer has been inducted into the Design Week Awards Hall of Fame.

The Hall of Fame aims to recognise individuals within design who have made a significant contribution to the industry; have provided inspiration and incisive thinking; or who have simply created consistently brilliant work. 

“Marina Willer could never be accused of having a signature style. Her career portfolio is hugely varied and shows how she can adapt and design for any situation,” said Design Week editor Tom Banks; “today she is known for this tacit ability as a designer and recognised as a filmmaker who can tell personal and human stories.”

The award itself was designed by another Pentagram partner, Daniel Weil, in the late nineties. 

Look out for Marina's interview with Design Week later this week. 

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Marina Willer Inducted Into the Design Week Awards Hall of Fame
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