Naresh Ramchandani's Ungifted Secret Santa 2020 Launches

Preview — Nov 30, 2020

Co-founded by Pentagram partner Naresh Ramchandani, the environmental non-profit Do the Green Thing has launched Ungifted Secret Santa 2020 in time for the festive season.

In a year that's seen many of us only able to connect with our colleagues through a screen, Ungifted is about giving climate-friendly, zero-waste gifts that are fun, free and socially-distanced.

As well as stopping unsustainable junk-gifting, Ungifted also prompts colleagues to send something more meaningful. This year's gift list includes a personalised Spotify playlist, a month of memes, an origami tutorial and ASMR sessions—along with lots of other unique ideas.

As well as its selection of gifts, Ungifted also gives colleagues the opportunity to get together over a special shared-screen online gift reveal.

Naresh Ramchandani says: “This has been such a difficult year, and colleagues who are used to working side-by-side aren’t able to share Christmas gifts or celebrate together as they usually would.

“Ungifted gives us all the chance to do that, from afar, and by sharing our company or our creativity, even if that’s virtually, we get what a lot of us need at the moment; more regular human contact.”

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Naresh Ramchandani's Ungifted Secret Santa 2020 Launches
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