‘Sound of the Earth Chapter 2’

Events — Nov 15, 2019

Yuri Suzuki's latest piece features in the new exhibition Speechless: Different by Design.

Yuri Suzuki’s latest interactive art piece ‘Sound of the Earth Chapter 2’ is now on show at the Dallas Museum of Art. People from around the world were encouraged to contribute their own unique audio clips to the installation, which explores the idea of local and global communities through the medium of sound.

The installation comprises of a large black sphere – instead of being mapped out like a traditional globe, each country is represented by different sounds. When visitors place their ear against the surface of the globe, they hear unique sounds which have been recorded in the corresponding part of the world. Subtle raised dots are used to indicate various regions and landmasses, with sounds from further north accessed by climbing a ladder, and the sounds of the southern hemisphere accessed by crouching down.

This sonic reinvention of the globe helps to break down boundaries, and by changing the way we understand geography, presents visitors with a new way of understanding different cultures.

‘Sound of the Earth Chapter 2’ is part of ‘speechless: different by design’, Dallas Museum of Art's major new exhibition of multisensory, interactive, and immersive experiences for visitors of all backgrounds and abilities, which explores the many ways in which we connect to the world around us through our senses. 

Created in collaboration with designers, scholars, and scientists, speechless presents visitors with unique opportunities for discovering new perspectives through communications beyond speech and words.

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