Preview — Jul 10, 2019

Paula Scher designs the brand identity for a new platform that will introduce direct-to-consumer brands at pop-up experiences around the country.

Unbox is a new moveable retail concept that will bring different brands to people and places around the U.S. who may not have access to them, and introduce new products they may not be familiar with. Paula Scher and her team at Pentagram have designed the brand identity for the platform, which will give shoppers the opportunity to experience more than 20 direct-to-consumer companies at pop-up events that bridge online and offline retail.

Unbox is the first venture from the dtx company, a new company founded by Tim Armstrong (the former Google ads chief and CEO of AOL and Oath) with a focus on developing new ways to connect brands and products directly to consumers, no retailer required.

The brand identity centers around a logo of an open box, visually supporting the name and the company’s sense of surprise and discovery. The symbol wraps around the name, reinforcing the idea that products can be discovered and purchased with Unbox. Scher also designed the identity for the dtx company.

Additional coverage: CNBC, The Wall Street Journal.

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