Yuri Suzuki Launches the Minimoog Factory

Preview — May 23, 2023

Yuri Suzuki and team have collaborated with Moog to create a multifaceted web experience to celebrate the legendary analogue synthesiser’s 70th anniversary.

Yuri Suzuki and team have collaborated with Moog to create the Minimoog Factory, a multifaceted new web experience which celebrates the 70th anniversary of the legendary analogue synthesiser. 

Loved by some of the most innovative musicians, the Minimoog Model D was used by Bernie Worrell on P-Funk’s futuristic sound, on Kraftwerk’s Autobahn, and by Gary Numan, who replaced his live band’s guitars with Minimoogs. 

Drawing inspiration from 90s video games and websites, the interactive experience gives visitors access to the rich history of electronic music through the lens of the Minimoog Model D.

Each facet of the Minimoog Factory com was designed in collaboration with Moog by Yuri, illustrator Rob Pybus and the team at Counterpoint to bring visitors a joyful experience. These include: 

Jukebox: From prog rock and disco to reggae and hip-hop, explore a collection of more than 45 of the most influential songs that feature the Minimoog Model D

Practice Room: Play your favourite Minimoog lead, bass, and percussion sounds using the site’s free emulation inspired by the Minimoog Model D, then save and share your recordings.

Build-a-Synth: Print and ‘build’ your own mini Minimoog—the perfect studio decoration or desktop companion

Face Synth: A fun Instagram filter that integrates with your mobile device to use your facial expressions and body’s movement to trigger the Minimoog’s controls.

Model D App: Discover the sound and workflow of the classic Model D from your iOS or macOS device—jump in and play with over 160 included presets or begin exploring electronic sound design to craft your own unique style.

There’s also a gift shop, archive section and theatre with musical performances that capture more than 50 years of Minimoog Model D on stage, in studios, and on your favourite records.

Explore the Minimoog Factory here and don’t forget to share your sounds!

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