10 Years of Galeria Melissa

Brand Identity, Interiors & Architecture

Architectural installation and identity for 10 year anniversary of Brazilian shoe designer's first concept store in São Paulo.

Melissa is a fashion company based in Brazil that creates extraordinary plastic shoes. Over the past 36 years they have sold 50 million pairs of shoes in 50 countries, and have found celebrity fans in Katy Perry, Anne Hathaway and Kate Moss.

After creating a summer campaign for Melissa, Pentagram has created an installation celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Galeria Melissa concept store on São Paulo’s most fashionable street, Rua Oscar Freire.

Galeria Melissa is famed for its installations, which have been created by Zaha Hadid, Karl Lagerfeld and the Campana Brothers, amongst others. These installations are constructed in a courtyard which leads to the entrance of the shop.

Pentagram’s installation is made up of layers of curtains, which are hung in the courtyard. The curtains are made up of thousands of transparent rubber triangles, which are made of the same material as Melissa’s shoes and share their distinctive bubblegum scent.

The triangles are inspired by geometric patterns of Brazil’s modernist architecture combined with Melissa’s expressive and exuberant colour palette. Each sheet of triangles is arranged to emulate a different view of the storefront.

The triangles have also been used to create a logo for the 10 year anniversary and have been used throughout the interior walls of the store.

All store photography is by Romulo Fialdini.

Marina Willer
William Russell
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