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Fall 2011 campaign that uses a theme inspired by the store's Twitter handle to highlight Saks as a shopping destination.

Saks Fifth Avenue has long been a destination for sophisticated shoppers. The store’s 2011 fall campaign emphasizes Saks as the place to go for fashion, both at physical locations like its New York flagship, and online. Organized around the tagline “@ Saks”—the store’s Twitter handle—the campaign highlights messages directing shoppers to Saks’ website and social media platforms.

Working with Terron E. Schaefer, Saks’ group senior vice president for sales and marketing, Pentagram created a stylish identity and series of shopping bags for the campaign. The designers developed a signature “@” symbol that evokes the Saks brand identity previously developed by Pentagram. For the campaign identity, the “@” symbol has been placed in a square and paired with the Saks logo. These elements are used to create highly graphic black-and-white patterns on the fall series of shopping bags.

On one bag, the curves of the symbol have been extended into a whirling vertigo of black and white with the @ at its center. In print advertisements, the “@ Saks” motif appears in a rebus-like three-square arrangement that highlights specific brands and designers: “Chanel @ Saks,” “Theory @ Saks,” etc.

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