Atlantic Theater 2023-24 Season

Brand Identity, Campaigns

The visual identity of the influential performing arts group is updated for the new season.

Every year the branding for the Atlantic Theater Company is refreshed for the new season of programming, building on the visual identity originally created by Pentagram. The graphics combine photography, illustration and type in combination with the distinctive “A” shape of the Atlantic logo to create an iconic image for each production.

The 2023-2024 campaign takes the design back to the original red, blue and black of the Atlantic brand palette. Each production is represented by a symbolic object that ties into the themes of the work, and the images vibrate with a slightly offset overprint. The promotional mailer folds out into a series of panels that give each show its own mini poster. Typography is set in the brand font Tungsten.

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New York
Paula Scher
Project team
Kirstin Huber
Bruno Bergallo
Yansong Yang
Olivia Ray
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